Find out how to market your business

Golf Advertisments

3Thrity6 Publications works to put your advertisements into magazines to get your business visibility to an audience interested in golfing products. Spending time on marketing and advertising helps business’  grow their client database.

·    Target Audience- Advertising in a magazine gives the opportunity to spread the word about your product or services to the people who need it. This is the most basic opportunity that magazine advertising may increase revenue which is why it is listed first. Most, if not all other benefits stem from this basic rule of audience targeting.

·    Name Recognition- This may work while the reader is unaware that it is happening. Placing just a funny ad into a magazine that may have nothing to do with your product or services at all and a little business logo in the corner is great because the reader will laugh and grin, perhaps unaware that there was a connection between the humor in the ad and the company that created it.
·    Credibility- Your consumers have a general understanding as to how expensive some forms of advertising can be. It is clearly understood that magazine and newspaper remain two of the most expensive forms of paper advertising. That being said, your consumers seeing an ad of yours in a magazine provides the sense of credibility; your product or services must be exceptional or they wouldn’t be successful enough to advertise in a magazine.
·    Exposure- At 3Thirty6 Publications, we believe that one of the beautiful parts of advertising in a magazine is that you will never have to sign a no compete agreement, that is a contract stating you will not advertise in other magazines. This opens the door to advertise in multiple magazines. This is important because there are a number of magazines competing in the same demographic. With this in mind, most consumers won’t read but one magazine in a specific genre. Advertising in multiple magazines will ensure that all of your demographic you are marketing towards, that is, your entire target audience will read your advertisements.


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